Bazaar is a marketplace for local artists, artisans and craftspeople to sell work and build relationships with people who care about where they purchase their goods from. Last year, in ten hours, Bazaar artists made $120,000. 


A panel of local art and retail professionals jury this show. In addition to the work itself, vendor variety and quality/concept of display space will be considered during vendor selection.

Click here to see examples of engaging booths.


Fill out this application. 


All submissions are due MONDAY, May 6th at Midnight. NO EXCEPTIONS. The event is Saturday, JUNE 22nd outside in the heart of downtown. 


$100 OR LESS.

As with Terrain, Bazaar is meant to be accessible to as many people as possible. Because of this, 50% of a vendor’s accepted art and merchandise must retail for $100 or less. The other 50% can be priced however you'd like. The most successful booths master this balance.


Please submit paintings, prints, sculpture, pottery, glass, photography, handmade furniture, upcycled furniture, handmade and upcycled clothing, handmade and upcycled accessories and handmade consumable goods like soaps and candles. 

That’s what we’re looking for, but we love being surprised.

If you made it with your hands, you think it’s awesome, and you want to sell it, share it with us!


Each vendor is responsible for making their booth aesthetically pleasing and a space potential buyers want to step into. CLICK HERE for examples of engaging booths.

10 x 10 spaces are $100 each. Subject to availability, you may purchase additional booth space (example: if you want two booth spaces = $200, three booth spaces = $300).

Up to 4 artists can share a booth. There is an additional fee of $25 per additional artist. 


We will send out notification letters no later than Monday, May 13th. If you do not hear from us by May 13th, please contact us, (remember to check your junk mail around this time just in case our emails are going to junk or spam folders).


The event will be held in the heart of downtown Spokane.